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                             Meet Scott



             "The Boss"


october 4


 Scott Velez

     Interior Designer,



         ​An artist at heart, Scott began his design career early on designing and drawing houses since he was young. It all started with his second grade teacher, Mrs. Cecila Roberts. She taught a unit on housing. The students were instructed to draw a floor plan of a house and to build a model. From that moment, Scott found his life's love of design and architecture. Scott's mother Brenda recognized, supported, encouraged and nurtured his creativity. His talents grew from there. He attended the International Academy of Design in Tampa Florida for Interior Design. He soon was hired by a well known interior design firm located in St. Petersburg. He was mentored by the business owner on design. This is where Scott honed his skill of listening to his clients needs and their vision for their home. After 10 years Scott decided to leave and begin another mentorship with the owner of Brandy's Interiors. Not only was he taught the very important business side of design, but this is where he found his love of color, pattern, and textures.  After 10 years it was time for Scott to start his own Interior Design business. On January 1st 2018

Scott Velez Fine Living was created. No job is too small or too large. 

With the help from my office associate "Baby", Scott works on each project as if it were a blank canvas. Artfully combining his ideas with the needs and the vision of the client.  

Scott's strengths lie in his attention to detail, ability to listen, endless inspiration and his endless amount of patience that he shows with everyone he meets.

I believe that the interior of your home should be reflective of the persons living within its walls, after all it's your home.

Scott Velez, Scott Velez Fine Living LLC



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