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Interior Spaces

Sandpiper House​

Because of the abundance of windows throughout the space, the home seemed to always be awash in natural light giving it a warm and inviting feel. I wanted to play this up by sticking to a very fresh color palette and by finding inspiration from the owners collection of art. Combining soft blue and green tones with a base of gray neutrals and whites, I transformed the interior into a place that feels cool and refreshing despite the blazing temperatures of the Florida heat outside. My strategy was to blend textures with striking patterns and incorporating pieces that have both a traditional and current feel. An abstract rug mixes with floral pattern dining chairs while contemporary art paired with furniture in a more transitional setting. The outcome was a home that was not only warm and inviting but a home for everyone to feel comfortable.

HOUSE on Coffee Pot

Bold, bright and sophisticated, this Mediterranean style homes open and spacious floor plan is ultimately what inspired its interior design. 

By incorporating a variety of textures and shapes in the homeowners love of gold, teal and orange this created compelling compositions from every angle. The walls were purposefully kept stark white to establish a blank canvas that I punctuated with abstract artwork and colorful accents, while well- placed metallic accents added a sleek jolt to the spaces. The outcome is a home that perfectly embodies a blend of polish and glamour with hip downtown cool. 


Lake Seminole Square Home

After a lengt​hy redesign and construction process, this beautiful home finally came together conveying a warm, masculine and inviting tone with an extra level of comfort. I utilized clean, fresh furniture pieces and layered in unique vintage items with patina to add character. Instead of using a lot of bold colors to energize the spaces, I went with a neutral base and then injected color strategically- mostly in the form of rugs, and textiles. The house is also enlivened with a wide array of texture and pattern; rattan woven shades, nail-head studded upholstery and various warm natural wood finishes all feeling appropriate to the beautiful lake setting. The end result was a comfortable home where my client and his family and friends could relax and simply enjoy life together in a cozy and intimate setting. 

Harbour Side 

This home was ​your typical vanilla box, with beige walls, beige upholstery, rugs and textiles. The only request from my client was their desire to have  color.  To balance the white tile flooring used throughout the space, I selected a daring bold and deep cobalt blue for the walls and crisp, reflective white for the crown and base.  The sitting area is anchored with a wool area rug, the same color as the walls. The sofa with its antique brass nail head trim is upholstered in white leather. By blending and layering of texture, pattern and color of  lemoncello, stripes and florals the pillows and window treatments bring a bold color palette to the room. In addition to the matte gold, Greek key and glass table and a beautiful rich maple cocktail table and side table, this room is the balance of thoughtful articulation of  luxury and comfort. With that balance, I was able to create a home that my clients and their family can love, live and laugh in together for many years to come.

The French Cou​ntry Home

What began as a simple family room remodel quickly snowballed into a complete addition to the existing home, not once but twice. We knew that for this client and her two college age daughters comfort was key; so it was only fitting that the design centered around a variety of textures that would create a sense  of warmth and coziness to the new family room and set the tone for each room in this spacious home. Soft velvets and linens were paired with leather and hides all set against a beautiful French country color palette of soft blues, greens and lavender.  While the interior boasts traditional bones with new coffered ceilings, chair rails, opened doorways and the installation of dark wood floors, the silhouettes of the furnishings and stylish light fixtures are perfectly blended into this French country home. These elements along with a few handcrafted designs and an ever-growing collection of vintage pieces balance the striking combination of old and new. For the clients this became a comfortable home where they can gather with friends and family, and a home filled with memories.

Point Brittany

It was outdated and in much need of a face-lift. Built in the early 1970's the 15 story Point Brittany building had only been re-designed once. It was typical with dark trim, dark floors, and consistently dark  and drab wallpapered walls. We striped all the walls of wallpaper and painted them all classic blue. we added beautiful new crown, base and chair rail moldings, and painted them white to lift the spirit of the building.  It came alive and is the perfect backdrop for the bold printed fabric of blues and grays with a hint of gold. The floors were laid in a classic pattern and made from carrara marble, a striking contrast to the bold contemporary art piece. The color palette paired with a dose of classic wood pieces, statement mirror and enviable lighting fixtures provides a space with an understated yet elegant allure.

Lake Oconee Home



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